Sengupta Laboratory at
Harvard Medical School and MIT 


If you are a PhD student applying for a postdoctoral fellow position.
Send an email to shiladit(at) with your CV and a one page write up on an idea that is not related to your thesis. This write up should have the following paragraphs: Background of the Idea, Hypothesis, Aims and a Brief Experimental Plan to achieve those aims, and the Impact of the idea. Typically, we accept postdocs who have shown exceptional promise in their PhD training, reflected by publications and a passion for science (please dont apply if you are just looking for a job- dont waste both your's and my time).

The above applies to both when you are responding to an open position announcement from our laboratory as well as if you are applying for a postdoctoral position where you have your own fellowship. There are multiple sources of postdoctoral funding, including government agencies in your own country- fellows with their own funding are encouraged to apply as it reflects resourcefulness.  

Applying for PhD positions.
Please do not write to me. Check out HMS PhD or MIT HST admissions process. I only take students from the pool of applicants who have have been successful in getting admitted. Writing to me doesn not help as I do not influence the admission process.  

Applying for internships
We do not provide any funded internship positions. We are also not interested in hosting any short term (less than 6 months) interns. 

Postdoctoral Fellow in Cancer Biology

Postdoctoral fellow in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering/Biological Engineering

Graduate and visiting students

No longer available
No longer available