Sengupta Laboratory at
Harvard Medical School and MIT 

Our Team

  1. Ahmed Elgozby
    Ahmed Elgozby
    Fulbright fellow
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  2. Tanmoy Saha
    Tanmoy Saha
    Postdoctoral fellow
    What you write here is totally up to you, there is no right or wrong way to complete your 'About Us' page. We advise making your language friendly and approachable, while being informative and professional.

Dr. Shiladitya Sengupta
(Principal Investigator)
Dr. Shiladitya Sengupta received his PhD in Pharmacology from the Universit of Cambridge in 2002, where he worked on the mechanisms underlying hepatocyte growth factor-induced angiogenesis. Shiladitya moved to MIT for his postdoctoral work, where e invented the first layer-by-layer nanoparticle, termed a nanocell, which could be used to target different compartments of a tumor (Nature, 2005) He also  studied the role of the cell surface glycome in vasculogenesis. (Circulation, 2009). His eatly training was in medical pharmacology at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. He was awarded the Geeta Mital Gold Medal.Dr. Sengupta joined the Brigham and Women's Hospital as a principal investigator and assistant professor of medicine and HST at Harvard Medical School and Harvard-MIT Division of HST. He also served as the co-chair of the BWH Center for Regenerative Therapeutics. Dr. Sengupta was one of the first to use nanotechnologyto target oncogenic patways in cancer (PNAS, 2010). His team discovered a novel mechanism of intercellular communication during

Dr. Aaron Goldman 
Dr. Aaron Goldman received his PhD in cancer biology and pharmacology from the Universty of Arizona. ​and completed his fellowship and then joined as an instructor at BWH. Dr. Goldman also serves  as the director of R&D of Immuno-oncology  at Mitra Biotech.  Dr. Goldman was the recipient of the American Cancer Society fellow and received a Breast Cancer Aiilaince Career award. 

 metastasis, where cancer cells  transfer miRNA to  endothelial cells via physical nanotube (Nature Commun. 2015). The team  is also described  a novel behaiour of cancer cells, where the cells switch to a dormant state in response to chemotjerapy. using mathematical models, they described novel strategies of targeting these cell states (Nature Commun. 2015). Recently, they invented a Reporter Nanoparticle that allows real time imaging of an anticancer drug in action, including immunoterapy. (PNAS, 2016)  
Dr. Sengupta has been recognized as one of the top 35 innovators of the world under 35 (TR35 award), by Technology Review magazine. He has been awarded the Era of Hope Scholar award by the Department of Defense, ta Coulter Foundation career award, and is a TED fellow. He was a Nehru Scholar at Trinity College, University of Cambridge, and is one of the youngest recipents of the Shakuntala Amir Chand Prize from the Indian Council of Medical Research. Dr. Sengupta is a serial entrepreneur, and has cofounded Cerulean Pharmaceuticals, Vyome Bioscences, Invictus Oncology, Akamara Therapeutics and Mitra Biotech.

Dr. Sachin Khiste
(Postdoctoral Fellow)
Dr. Sachin Khiste did his PhD in pharmacy (Pharmacology) from University of Louisiana Monroe. Sachin’s research is focused cancer nanomedicine, cancer immunotherapy and cancer stem cell biology. Sachin completed his Bachelor in Pharmacy from university of Pune. In free time Sachin like to play cricket, chess and volunteers at  the local animal shelter.

Dr. Ashish Kulkarni
Dr. Ashish Kulkarni received his PhD in Chemistry from the Universityf of Cincinatti and completed his fellowship and then joined as an instructor at BWH. He is an assistant profesor of Chemical Engneering at UMASS Amherst. His early training was in chemical engineering at the Institurte of Chemical Engineering , India.  Dr. Kulkarni is an expert in immunoengineering. he has recently recognized as one of the CEN Top10 emering stars.

Dr. Ahmed Elzoghby
(Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellow)
Dr. Ahmed Elzoghby received his master’s and PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Drug Delivery) from Alexandria University. Dr. Elzoghby served as the director of Cancer Nanotechnology Research Laboratory (CNRL) at Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University, Egypt where he worked on engineering of novel nanocarriers for tumor-targeted drug delivery, cancer imaging as well as theranostic applications.
Ahmed earned his Fulbright fellowship and joined the lab as a postdoctoral Research Fellow at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH). His research in the lab focuses on addressing the problems of cancer metastasis and drug resistance using cancer immunotherapy and bioengineering approaches.

Dr. Tanmoy Saha
(Postdoctoral Fellow)
Dr. Tanmoy Saha received his PhD from Indian Institute of Science education and Research (IISER) Pune in 2017, in Organic Chemistry. During PhD, his major focus of research was synthetic molecular approaches for artificial anion transport systems and their bio-applicability. He has also contributed in the field of sensing biorelevant analyte and introducing cell organelle specific fluorescent probes.  He has received the best thesis award from the Department of Chemistry IISER Pune and has been selected as a finalist, among 45 finalists, for the Reaxys PhD prize 2015. Tanmoy joined BWH as a research fellow in 2018 and his current research is focused on diverse arena of immunology and biomaterial approach for curing cancer. Besides his research, Tanmoy like to travel, bike riding, trekking, and listening to music.

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Lab. Alumni
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1. Pochi Shum, MS. (Scientist, Pharmalucence)
2. Geeti Gangal, PhD. (Sr. Scientist, Novartis)
3. Sujan R Kabir, MBBS, (Asst. Director, Baxalta Pharma)
4. Samir Awasthi, MD, PhD (Resident, Harvard Longwood Psychiatry Residency Training Program)
5. Fatma Vatansever, PhD  (Scientist, Wellman Labs, MGH
6. Rania Harfouche, PhD (Instructor, Harvard Medical School)
7. Stephanie Piecewicz, PhD/ Postdoctoral fellow, Stanford Univ., Stanford, CA
. Sudipta Basu, PhD (Associate Professor of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar)
9. Deepak Dugar, BTech (PhD-CEP Student, MIT)
10. Sivappa Rasapalli, PhD (Associate Professor, UMASS Dartmouth, MA)
11. Padmaparna Chaudhury, PhD  (Senior Scientist, Mitra Biotech)
12. Abhimanyu Paraskar, PhD (Scientist, Anderson Group, MIT)
13. Rituparna Sinha-Roy, PhD (Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata, India)
14. Shivani Soni, PhD (Assoc. Professor, Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL)
15. Bhushan Shinde, BTech  (Process Validation Engineer, Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, Frankfurt, Germany
16. Geetanjali Chimote, PhD (Head of Projects Development Group, Piramal Life Sciences, Mumbai, India)
17. Poulomi Sengupta, MS (PhD student, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune)     18. Deboshri Banerjee, PhD (Senior Scientist, Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, Boston)
19. Yamicia Connor, MD, PhD/ Resident (Ob-Gyn) Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston)
20. Michael Oh, MD (Internal Medicine Resident, McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University, Chicago)
20. Ambarish Pandey, MBBS / Assistant Professor of Cardiology, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX)
21. Taylor Lloyd, MD (Internal Medicine Resident, Beth-Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA)
22. Shyam Srivats, BTech (PhD student, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK)
23. Jawahar Kopparam, BTech (PhD student, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland)
24. Bhaskar Roy, MBBS (Neuromuscular Fellowship, Beth-Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA)​​
24. Anne Laure Papa, PhD  (Postdoctoral fellow, Wyss Institute, Boston, MA)
25. Ushashi Dadwal, BTech (PhD student at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN)
26.  Sasmit Sarangi, MBBS (Neurology Resident, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY)
25. Ashish Patra, PhD (Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India
26. Navjot S Gill, BTech (PhD student, University of California, Los Angeles, CA)
27. Divya Bharat, BTech (PhD student, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT)
28. Ayaat Mahmoud, MS (PhD Student American University, Cairo, Egypt)
29. Poornima Rao, MS / Research Scientist, Novartis, Cambridge, MA)
30. Zaid Zayyad, BS (MD student, IMED Program, University of Illinois, Chicago)
31. Abin Biswas, BS (PhD Student, University of Heidelberg, Germany)      
32. Madhumitha Ramachandran, BS (Graduate Student, University of Oklahoma, OK)
33. Saranya Radhakrishnan, BS (Graduate Student, Purdue University, IN)
34. Pooja Vasudevan, B.Eng (MIT) (Infrastructure Test Engineer, Thomson Reuters, NY)
35. Shashikanth Parcha, MSc (Research Scientist, SR Labs, Khammam, India)
36. Maral Sariikhoraami, PhD (Senior Scientist, Formex, San Diego, CA
37. Ragini Medhi, BSc. (MS student in biology, Cambridge University. Cambridge, UK)
38. Ishrat Bano, PhD (Postdoctoral fellow, Boston University Biomedical Engineering, Boston, MA)
39. Navya Korimerla, BS (PhD Student, Stony Brook University, Buffalo, NY​)
40. Yashika Khatar, BSc (Research Assistant, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)
41. Prachi Desai, BTech (Texas A & M University, College Station, TX)
42. Suproteem Sarkar (Undergraduate Student, Harvard University, Cambridge)         
43. Shruthi Sabramanian, BS (MS student, University of Zurich)
44. Divya Murali, BTech (Graduate Student, University of California,
San Diego, CA)
45. Niranjan Sudhakar, BTech (Graduate Student, University of Waterloo,Waterloo, Canada)        
46. Siva Natarajan, BTech (Graduate Student, University of Michigan, Ann
Arbor, MI)
47. Vishruti Vaikundan, BTech  (Graduate student, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY)
48. Aparna Chakravarty, BTech )Research Associate, University of Kansas, KS)
49. Vineeth Chandrasekar, BTech (PhD student, Oxford University, Oxford, UK)